15/30 Training


What is 15/30 Training? 

15/30 Training is a *new* interval training program within our other training programs.

In this program, we run 15 seconds/walk 30 seconds, and this interval will stay the same throughout the training.

Benefits of Interval Training:

Interval training is backed by science as a proven method to make you a stronger, faster runner

  • Research shows that interval training can improve cardiovascular health and whip you into shape faster than doing steady-state cardio
  • Weaving running and walking together reduces fatigue and overuse injuries on muscles and joints
  • Less stress on the weak links
  • Helps conserve energy for the duration of long runs while enabling a faster overall pace
  • Increases running speed and finishing strength
  • Helps improve finish times in all races (PR’s)
  • Speeds up recovery
  • Provides all of the running enhancements without exhaustion or pain
  • It’s also a great stress release

Weekly Training Schedule/Drills:

15/30 Training will consist of three weekly, organized and coached training intervals, with each workout having a specific purpose:

  • Mondays/Tuesdays – 15/30 + cadence drills + race pace (the drills improve your running form, efficiency, and speed)
  • Wednesdays/Thursdays – 15/30 + hill repeats
  • Saturdays – 15/30 long slow run

15/30 Training is a game changer for both runners and walkers who want to take their training to the next level.  You will finish faster than solely running or walking, with much less fatigue and a quicker recovery. Come join us!


  1. Walking during a running workout is a source of shame, or is not really considered a run.  Contrary to what you might think, interval training doesn’t mean walking when you’re tired; it means taking walk breaks when you’re not.  It’s a conscious strategy or technique that you commit to from the very beginning of the workout.  Many runners take their own version of walk breaks without thinking about it: they slow down at water stations or reduce their pace when they tire.  Scheduling walk breaks gives you control over the race and a chance to finish stronger.  The person who crosses the finish line is a finisher whether they sprinted, ran non-stop, took walk breaks, or walked the whole way.
  2. Interval training is a beginner or introductory phase into running program.  Definitely not!  There is an entire movement of people who solely run/walk, including professional runners and marathoners.  


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