2015 Summer Weekly Tweener Schedule

2015 Summer Weekly Tweener Schedule

Monday: Pint Night 6pm at Fleet Feet Blue Dome - Get the legs moving with and easy-going social run from Fleet Feet Blue Dome. 2-4 miles at conversational pace.

Tuesday: TU Track Speed Work 6pm - Keep your fitness sharp with a high-intensity track session designed for distance athletes of all abilities. A weekly tradition for the past 12 years. 2-5 miles including warmup, active stretching, workout as scheduled (intervals at 5k pace) and cool down. Post workout beer the 3rd Tuesday of every month!

Wednesday: OFF/Cross Train - Great activities for this recovery/cross training day include: cycling or spin, swimming, yoga or strength training.

Thursday: Tempo/Strength Workout. 6pm at Fleet Feet KingsPointe - Change up the pace with a challenging tempo or hill workout. Use hill route around KingsPointe for hill work or use LaFortune for uninterrupted tempo sessions. Workouts should be done at "Comfortably hard" pace. (Goal Race Pace for those training for a Half or Full Marathon).

Friday: OFF/Cross Training/Very Easy Run - If you run at all it should be viewed strictly as a recovery run between hard effort Thursday and a longer run on Saturday.

Saturday: Long Run/Walk 7am at rotating Fleet Feet Stores. Keep your Saturday routine with a steady diet of long, easy miles on Saturday mornings from Fleet Feet Tulsa and Broken Arrow stores. Follow it up with brunch with your fellow training buddies. 4-10 miles at long run pace (1-2 minutes slower than goal race pace). Tweener Saturday workouts start May 16th and end July 4th with the Firecracker 5K at Fleet Feet Blue Dome. Fall half and full marathon training begins July 11th.

Sunday: Trail Run with Mountain Goats Trail Club 9am at Turkey Mountain - Play in the woods with MGTC. We get a little dirty but have a great time. 3-6 miles, easy pace with some challenging sections.

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