Paw Stories: Max

"I was very lucky 11 years ago when Max came into my life.   He is a lemon and white beagle which are called lemonheads.  Someone had abused, starved and dumped him.  The day I picked him up I wasn’t even sure if he would live and you could count every rib in his little body along with a couple of broken bones.   He was approximately 4 months old when I brought him home. I promised him that very first day that no one would ever hit or abuse him again.  His toes are crooked from not having proper nutrition but I think he is just the most handsome boy.  Max is very laid back; nothing phases him, and he  just wants friends. Coming from his situation, it didn’t take him long to become accustomed to the spoiled life.  He expect his blanket and treats!!!

He has had a few surgeries because of the treatment he had before I got him but he is a very loving and grateful dog and I would spend whatever it takes to keep him happy.    Very blessed to have him in my life."

- Monica Bowman

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