Paw Stories: Mercy

Two years after losing my 16 year old beagle Best Friend, my sister gifted me a pound puppy that was part beagle, part weeny dog. She’s a Weagle!

We named her Mercy because the house where she lived before we adopted her had a dog that tried to eat her.  She was given the name Mercy because she was spared!   And we LOVE her!   She has super HIGH energy like my daughter and I, and she LOVES to run.  We brought Mercy to the Fleet Feet Halloween Run last year.  Grace was dressed as an Olympic Runner and Mercy was the Torch, while I was the Olympic Stadium.  Mercy can run a 5K!   Her favorite thing to do is race our daughter Grace.  When I call out “On your mark, Get set……”  Mercy jumps into a racing stance.  It’s the cutest thing! 

- Lynn

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