Paw Stories: Nobo

"Nobo came into my life on a cold Wednesday in mid January.  Our Pathways group was running downtown when a frisky brindle colored dog began running with us.  She ran with us all the way to the store.  A few people took pictures that they posted in search of the owner. That night another runner, Brian, took her home for the night. He and I exchanged numbers.
More than 14 years ago another dog followed me home.  I had to put her down in August due to cancer.  It was heartbreaking.  I had decided in January I was ready to look for a new dog.  I wanted a female that was 1-2 years old.  I found one I liked at a shelter in Stillwater.  I was scheduled to go meet her and bring her home on the Saturday following that fateful Wednesday run.  That dog was a boxer bull mix. 

After searching for  the brindle dogs owner and asking other runners who were familiar with her, it was decided that she belonged to a homeless man and had been sleeping under cars in the parking lot of an architecture firm during the summer to keep cool.  She obviously had a litter of pups in her recent past.

The next day I called Brian and he said she had done well in a kennel in his home.  We decided I should go for it and my son met Brian with the dog at the Kingsponte store the next day. When I picked her up that evening she came into my home, and found her new home. 

I took her to the vet a couple of days later and they determined that Nobo was a 1.5 -2 year old boxer bull mix.  It was kismet. Her litter of puppies had been weaned, thank heavens. Another patient said he recognized the dog  because he remembered seeing her at a QT on a bitter cold morning with a homeless man.  The sadness of the situation stuck with him.

A couple of weeks later I was at a dog wash and the neighboring boy was talking to me about my dog.  I told him the story and his mom said, "I knew she looked familiar.  I volunteer at the homeless shelter.  I've seen her".  I feel bad that a man lost this wonderful girl, but I'm so grateful she found her home with me. 

Gretchen Herring, who I've run with for a year suggested I name her Nobo because she certainly has no boundaries.  It was fitting, and it stuck.  She's eaten a few shoes and dug a few holes, but by and large has adapted beautifully.  She enriches my life and often goes to work with me or spends the day at doggie day care next door.  Thank you NOBO  for bringing Nobo into my life."

Alice Slemp-Owens 

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