Paw Stories: Zelda


This is Zelda.  She was adopted three years ago from Ok Save a Dog by Renee Russell.  Her owner was a breeder who had passed away, leaving Zelda to be fed sporadically by an elderly neighbor.   Ok Save a Dog saved her. 

"When Zelda first came to our home, she was terrified of pretty much everything including her own shadow.  She bonded with me and followed me EVERYWHERE. Anytime my son or husband entered the room, she ducked and hid.   She was the same with strangers. 

I adopted Zelda because I wanted a walking companion who would deter strangers.  On our first walk, she was very nervous.  A loose dog ran up to us and Zelda hid behind me.  I remember laughing and telling her she was supposed to protect me, not the other way around.  After some one-on-one training and lots of patience, she finally trusts us.  She has overcome her fears while walking.  She walks beside me and when she sees other dogs or people, she perks her ears and gives them a watchful eye. She still has moments of uncertainty, but for the most part she is a normal, happy dog.   She will come up to check out any new people that we have over.   

I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to adopt her and give her a chance for a normal life free of fear and breeding! What Ok Save a Dog does along with other rescues is truly a blessing. I was happy to see Fleet Feet is holding the Doggy Dash to help support the work they do."

- Renee Russell 

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