Top 5 Essentials for Fall

Though we're still in the sweaty last days of summer, the hint of crisp fall is in the air. Soon, the sun will sink sooner and we'll need to change up our training to keep up with the calendar. Consider these picks as your top 5 running essentials for the fall season. 


  1. Protection: We're still in for some heat, so consider investing in an Orange Mudd Transition Towel and Seat Wrap. This longer and thirstier towel has some nifty bells and whistles that do more than just keep your perspiration from soaking the car seat. The hefty towel has large and easy to use hook and eye clasps around the long edge which allow you to wrap up securely if you want to change clothes with a little more privacy. Zip up the short end of the towel to form a hood that will stay in place over a car's headrest. No slipping and sliding, and your car stays nice and dry. As we move into potentially wetter months, this wrap is always in season. 
  2. Safety: As the sun is sinking earlier and earlier, our visibility on evening runs decreases dramatically. A ten dollar purchase can keep you out of the headlines and on the running trails. We always want you to be wearing something reflective and bright. Check out our new safety lights from Nathan. The small Hyper Brite Strobe clips to a water bottle, waist band or hem, while the Orion strobe comes with an elastic band to secure at waist level. The lights are super bright and they blink or remain static to alert oncoming motorists of your presence. If that's not your bag, then consider the Lightbender or Lightbender RX, which are glowing bands to wear around the biceps. Any of these products will go a long way toward keeping you safe and sound. Which is good, because we like you. And, of course, you can never have too much reflectivity!
  3. Warmth: The mornings are arriving with a whisper of fall. Meet the cool new day with a lightweight and packable jacket. Some of our favorites will feature reflectivity, plus a lightness that is perfect for packing. We really like the Brooks LSD and the Saucony Sonic Reflex. Both will block the wind and will roll into a neat little package once the sun wakes up. 
  4. Unders: If you've been running in the same bra or underwear for the last year, allow us to humbly suggest you consider stepping into some new under pieces. We've got a full line of bras in a variety of support options, including the new UpRise Crossback and the Uplift Crossback. These pretty bras are not just known for their good looks. They have some serious muscle to keep you in place for moderate impact activities. Or, try the new Dazzling Blue from Enell in sizes for everyone. For the gents, we like Saxx for the variety of quality fabrics, including merino wool. These are made for fitness, but work great for every day wear as well. 
  5. Food: Finally, you're not going anywhere if you're not properly hydrated and fueled. Try the new seasonal Gu flavors like Maple Bacon, Vanilla Spice and the unflavored Tastefully Nude. And if you're still tweaking your nutrition and fitness routine, Skratch has been incredibly popular, especially in the Matcha with Lemons and Raspberry flavors. That said, the Cinnamon Apple tastes great hot, perfect just before a cool morning run. 

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