Top 5 Items You Need in your Injury Prevention Tool Box

Maintaining and improving your fitness requires consistent workouts, quality recovery and staying free of injuries that can derail months of training. We've gathered the Top 5 tools we use every day to recover from workouts and keep injuries at bay.

1. Handheld Massage Roller: Our absolute go-to Injury Prevention tool is a handheld roller like the Addaday Type-C ($42), Type-A ($39) or TriggerPoint GRID STK ($35). With these rollers you can massage feet, calves, hamstrings, shoulders and more.

2. Hollow Foam Roller: Second on our list is a hollow foam roller to do body-weight self-massage and strengthening exercises. These are especially good for targeting dense muscle areas like hamstrings and quadriceps.We like TriggerPoint's GRID ($40) and GRID X ($50).

3. Handheld/Travel Size Massage Ball: Sometimes you need a tool a little more specialized like Addaday's Uno ($27) which is perfect for self-massaging shoulders, or something a little more travel friendly. We love the TriggerPoint MB5 ($25) and Addaday Peanut ($20).

4. Recovery Sandals: When you're ready to kick off the running shoes and grab a cold one, don't ditch all the support and cushion with it. Grab a pair of Oofos squishy and supportive flips ($45) or Superfeet's sleek sandal ($60) and let the recovery begin.

5. WATER! We can't emphasize this one enough, staying hydrated is of the utmost important elements of recovery especially when doing massage. Fluids will keep the toxins flushing out of your system as you work the knots out.

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