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Happy almost-spring, everyone -

I wanted to let you all know that with warm weather fast approaching in Green Country, it’s time to assess your hydration game plan and we have a great new option to fill your bottles. 

Skratch Exercise Hydration Mix is a delicious blend of real, dried crushed fruit, electrolytes, and a bit of cane sugar to replenish vital minerals lost in sweat (the electrolyte strength in Skratch is based on what is lost in perspiration). 

Skratch labs has been a hit with cyclists for years and, by customer demand, we have recently brought it to all of our stores as an alternative to Nuun and electrolyte pills. Skratch comes in a highly soluble powder, in either single serving sachets or 40 serving bags. When added to water you get a sweet (but not saccharine) and slightly salty flavor that tastes just right during exercise. Skratch requires a little shaking, and the flavor is mild, but for those upping their miles and who are used to carrying a hydration bottle, belt or pack Skratch is well worth the effort.

Our staff favorite is Pineapple, but we also dig the Apples and Cinnamon which is formulated to drink hot but tastes like slightly spicy apple juice when cold. 

Skratch is also available in Rescue and Hyper formulations for cases of dehydration and extreme conditions, respectively. These formulas contain high amounts of sodium, so talk to our staff and check out the labels before using. We’re also happy to carry the Feed Zone Cookbook written by Skratch founder Allen Lim, with great recipes for athletes (like you!) for both at home and on the go, check out Jen’s (our Product Specialist/head chef) take on the recipes here.  

Be prepared for the Spring Showers

We highlighted ultralight jackets a few weeks ago in our ‘Trending’ blog, but now the spring showers have really arrived.  We want to call out how a lightweight shell, like the Nike Impossibly Light, adidas Ultra Jacket or New Balance Ultra jacket can save a workout. The right piece can turn what might have been a reluctant day off in to a memorable run or walk in the rain. Look for a hood, packability and single layer (no insulation) in your springtime jackets. Additionally, a billed cap is a lifesaver in rainy outings. There's nothing worse than squinting against the rain for an hour or more. Jen's loving the NB ultra jacket with super-thoughtful details like a dual zipper for packing and a cool cinch in the hood that makes it easier to see while wearing the hood. Personally, I have has been rocking the adidas Ultra jacket. I have to be honest, I added this jacket to my gear closet primarily because I think it looks awesome, the fact that is it fully waterproof with tape-sealed zippers and pockets is just a bonus.


- Lance

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