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We live in vast digital community with a veritable global warehouse of products at our fingertips. And while it may seem easy to "click and ship," shopping locally has an impact on the very real community in Tulsa. Fleet Feet, as a family-owned business, does more than just put shoes on your feet. Through our efforts, and those of our guests, we keep our focus on this city. 

Our races and special events have allowed us to donate upwards of $250,000 to local charities over the past 10 years. 

We offer an array of free clinics, open to the entire Tulsa community. These include free injury screenings with local medical professionals, Good Form Walking and Good Form Running clinics with certified instructors, and Injury Prevention Clinics. We can even bring these clinics to your Tulsa business. 

Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa is wild about special events, most of which are free to our city. We sponsor vendor nights where our guests are treated to goodies and gifts from our vendor friends. Pint Nights, fun runs and walks are strong components of our community outreach. We even have a year-round partnership with the University of Tulsa so we can host free track workouts for our runners and walkers on the gorgeous TU campus. 

Our Customer Rewards Program is unparalleled. Each guest receives $15 in store credit for every (pre-tax) $150 they spend. 

We are aware of underserved and underfunded schools, and we value the benefits of fitness in young lives. For that reason, we offer a free youth running program to select Title I Tulsa Public Schools. We provide shirts, shoes, and coaching expertise so we can grow up a new generation of athletes. Because of our strong running and walking community, we are able to offer this program twice a year and now offer this at 2 schools. 

One of the biggest ways our customers help us contribute is by donating shoes. Your shoe donations have helped to put shoes on the feet of some of Tulsa's neediest children. Several times a year, we make product donations to numerous charities in Tulsa and Northeastern Oklahoma. Our beneficiaries include Family & Children’s Services, The Assistance League of Tulsa, and Homeless Shelters in Tulsa. Your old kicks may not seem like they're worth much to you, but in the lives of others, they are precious. 

Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa donates gift certificates to our stores for numerous fund-raisers for local non-profits. We see this as an opportunity to educate consumers about proper foot care and fitness technique, as well as a chance to support local charitable efforts. 

We also provide individualized attention to our customers with our expertly trained staff. Anyone who has been fitted by the staff at Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa will tell you that the time and attention given to each pair of feet is unrivaled. 

Finally, as a business, Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa employs over 25 area residents, some of whom are full time and receive health benefits.  These employees live in our community and pay taxes.  As a local retailer we also collect and remit sales tax, which supports our roads, schools, police, fire, etc.    Our business makes a substantial annual economic impact. 

The next time you consider "clicking and shipping," consider whether those dollars are staying local. 

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