Why Superfeet?

The 5 Whys of Superfeet Premium Insoles

1. Customizes the fit of your shoes: The interior of most shoes is relatively flat, Superfeet offers a 3-Dimensional shape which provides your feet with a better fit for the shoes.  

2. Decreases the potential for injuries: By supporting the feet and aligning the body, many common injuries and aches are minimized.

3. Keeps the natural cushioning of your feet (the fat pads) in the proper position: The 3-dimiensional heel cup in all Superfeet adds cushioning and comfort.

4. Helps to evenly distribute the weight on your feet: By supporting the major joints of the foot, Superfeet decreases hot spots and reduces excessive pressure on your feet.

5. Increases mobility of the foot: Contrary to what you may think; supporting the joints of the foot does not “lock” the foot, but allows it to move and function more efficiently. 

Come into any Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa location and talk to one of our Fit Professionals. Our Fit Professionals are trained how to properly “Fit” Superfeet for optimal comfort and effectiveness!  

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