Do Your Feet Hurt? (They Don't Have To)

Do your feet hurt and ache? They don't have to, and we can help. 

The most common causes of foot and heel pain are often preventable and treatable. If you run or walk, great fitting shoes are the first place to start but the reality is very few of us spend more than a few hours per week exercising and much of the foot pain issues we encounter are incurred while standing or working - times when we may not be in our most supportive footwear. For general foot and heel pain, here are a few of our proven solutions.

Please note that for severe and/or long-term pain we recommend talking to your doctor first.

We look at treating foot and heel pain in 3 phases: Support, Massage and Recover.

1) Support: One of the most straightforward and effective methods to treating foot pain is to support the foot throughout the day using a supportive insole like Superfeet. Supporting the foot with a custom-fit insole offers a more comfortable experience for most feet, regardless of injury, and is absolutely critical for a foot dealing with heel pain. Look for an insole that is substantial enough to maintain its shape (it should not be able to flatten out manipulating it with your hands) and that works with the shoes you wear most often. 

2) Massage: Self-massage is an often overlooked aspect to dealing with foot pain and even a short on the foot and lower leg can do wonders to an achy foot. Massage can have long term benefits but should also bring almost immediate relief to many issues. Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa has a variety of tools, some specific to the foot but others (like the Addaday Type-C) can be used for foot massage amid dozens of other uses making it a key part of any athlete's tool kit.

3) Recover: Critical to ending the cycle of foot pain is addressing what is done when we're recovering from the day's activities, whether that was work, a workout or both. When dealing with foot pain, especially heel pain, try to limit the amount of time spent barefoot on hard surfaces We love Oofos sandals to wear after runs, around the house and out running errands on the weekend. Some should also consider the Strassburg Sock - which helps to alleviate Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis by keeping the foot in a slightly stretched position overnight.

You don't have to accept that your feet will always hurt, and while the symptoms can come and go, persistent pain and irritation of the foot, arch and heel can lead to issues more difficult to solve. Don't put up with foot pain, we'll show you how to stop it in its tracks.

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