The 2 Minute Drill

The 2 Minute Drill is a new take on warming up, using one tool to quickly massage all the most critical muscle groups used on a run or walk.

We like to do the 2 Minute Drill with an Addaday Type-A or Type-C handheld roller. We find its unique "gears" especially well suited for feet and calves.With some practice this full body routine can be done in 2 minutes or less, we'll explain below and we're always happy to show you this drill in our stores.

Feet: With the roller on carpeting or a yoga mat in front of you while you're seated, quickly move the roller along the full length of your arch applying medium pressure.

Calves: While still seated, grab both handles of the roller and press in to the calf/gastroc muscle. Do 10 up and down repetitions along the middle of the calf, 10 more 45 degrees to the inside and 10 more 45 degrees to the outside of the calf muscle. Repeat on other leg.

Quadriceps: While still seated. grab both handles of the roller and press down in to the quadriceps. Do 10 up and down repetitions from near your knee back to near your groin. Do 10 more 45 degress to the inside of the quadriceps (inner thigh) and 10 more on the outside of your quadriceps (near IT band). Repeat on other leg.

Glutes: Stand up and with the roller behind you, grab both handles of the roller and put the center "gear" in the "back pocket" area of your glutes. Do 10 up and down repetitions. With the roller in the same position, lift the heel of the leg your massaging, lean forward slightly and do 10 more repetitions. You should feel the roller get a bit deeper in your glutes. Repeat on other leg. 

Lower Back: Remain standing. With a roller handle in just one hand, put that arm behind your back and swing the other handle of the roller up until it;s in the crook of your elbow . You should have one handle in your hand and one handle in your elbow. Shrug your shoulders and lift up to move the roller along the lateral side of your lower back. Do 10 repetitions moving the roller as far up and down as you can. Repeat on other side.

Shoulders (Trapezius): Remain Standing. With a roller handle in just one hand, bring the roller across your body and rest a gear on your trapezius muscle (between your neck and shoulder blades). Using just mild pressure and the weight of the roller, do 10 repetitions from neck to shoulder blade. Repeat on other side.

Hamstrings: Sit down. With the roller underneath your leg, grab both handles and pull up. With firm pressure, move the roller 10 times up and down from the knee to the buttocks. Repeat on other leg.

Stand up, shake it out and get going!

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