Dressing for Winter Weather Running and Walking

-Dress in LAYERS. Even in the 20’s and 30’s you don’t need a coat to run or walk – you’ll be generating heat and may even get too warm during the workout so you want to be able to adjust your temperature by unzipping or removing one layer at a time. For this weekend’s temps, we’re talking 2 or 3 layers (base layer, insulating layer, shell layer if needed). My go-to base layer is a tight-fitting merino wool half-zip but a long sleeve synthetic shirt works, too. Add on top of that an insulating layer – a thicker half zip, a technical hoodie, ideally something with a zipper. Then you probably want a shell for blocking wind and/or moisture. This could be a jacket or vest and if it’s dry could even be a very thin jacket that could be packed and stowed away if you get too warm. The other benefit to dressing in layers is that it’s the air between the layers that is really keeping you warm, so the layers themselves can still be lightweight. For bottoms, one thermal layer of tights or pants is probably enough for tomorrow’s conditions but if you have thermal/wool underwear or a pair of running shorts that fit underneath your tights or pants that would be ideal. 

-Cover your extremities! Your hands and head are going to feel the cold the most so wear a quality beanie that covers your head and ears and warm gloves (you can layer gloves, too) and consider a pair of handwarmers – we just got some in at Kingspointe. Also consider a pair of slightly thicker socks with some wool content and go for a higher cut sock to cover the gap between the bottom of your tights or pants and your socks.

-Cover your face. Wear sunglasses even if it’s not sunny and get a Buff/neck gaiter if you don’t already have one. The option to cover your nose and mouth at times is invaluable but you’ll be surprised how quickly that becomes too warm so Buffs/neck gaiters are great since they can easily be pulled back down or taken off.

-Lastly, my rule of thumb is that you should be a little chilly at the start of the workout. If you’re toasty in the first mile you’re gonna be sweating heavily by mile 2.

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