Visibility Options Fall 2017

You're committed to your training. You're up with the sun (at least on Saturdays) for long workouts and cranking out miles after work all week. That means at least some of your runs and walks with our training programs will put you on the road in the dark. Even in dusk and evening lighting conditions you should be wearing active and reflective visibility to help drivers and other road users see you. Here are our top picks for the kind of training conditions you will encounter in the coming weeks as we approach the end of Daylight Saving on November 5th.

  • Nathan Strobelight $10. This go-to light will clip anywhere (on a cap, waistband, shirt, etc.) and is barely noticeable while it's on. Always use the flashing mode since it's more visible and extends the battery life to 100+ hours (on two CR2032 batteries). One of these, facing forward (since you should be running or walking FACING traffic) is the absolute bare minimum for a safer workout.
  • Nathan Bandolier Vest $25. Get 360 degrees of reflectivity with one simple item. This extremely lightweight vest is brightly colored, adding to its visibility, has a small pocket perfect for some small essentials and is a perfect spot to attach a Nathan Strobelight for even more visibility.
  • Nathan Neutron Fire $35 and RX $55. See the road ahead and make sure drivers see you with this compact headlamp.  super-bright single LED can light up a road while two small LEDs can flash and strobe in 3 different colors (red for standard conditions, green for foggy conditions and blue for urban environments). The 115 lumen version at $35 is great, but for $55 you bump up the lumens to 200 and get a rechargeable battery. Headlamps are also super-handy to have around for camping, hiking, roadside repairs, looking in crawlspaces or attics and other honey-dos.
  • Knuckle Lights $40-60. Handheld lights are great for those who don't like headlamps and are extremely visible to drivers because the points of light are always in motion. Check out the 120 Lumen option powered by AA batteries at $40 or the 280 Lumen version with a rechargeable battery at $60.
  • Nathan Zephyr Fire 150 $45 and 300 $60. Another option for those who prefer a handheld to a headlamp, the Zephyr Fire is a great choice to be seen and for lighting up a road or trail. With a unique holster you don't have to grip this light at all (it holds on to you) and a rear-facing led makes ure you always have some visibility from behind, too. Like other options here there is an option powered by AA batteries at $45 and a rechargeable (and more powerful) option at $60.
  • Noxgear Tracer 360 $70. Proving that visibility can be fun, this colorful option gives you 360 of active visibility in a minimal package. Two powerful LEDs illuminate flexible fiber optic tubes in a variety of colors and flashing/pulsing/strobing patterns. No one will be able to miss you wearing this vest!

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