A Foam Roller is Your Training Frenemy

Hurts so good. No pain, no gain. No guts, no glory. Love/Hate. Frenemy. Flossing.

We have a lot of ways to describe something that is good for us and that we know will make us feel better later but just hurts so dang much right now - kind of like training itself. Perhaps no tool in an athlete's bag nowadays sums up that dichotomy better than the Foam Roller. Seen on start lines, in parking lots, many a living room and even NBA sidelines, TriggerPoint Grid foam rollers are nearly ubiquitous if you gather more than a few athletes in the same place. And these athletes LOVE their foam roller - they've shared a lot together, maybe even some tears. We think you'll love (and sometimes hate) your foam roller too, if you're using it right but you will definitely love the reduced recovery times and the muscles that feel ready to take on the next challenge when you incorporate regular foam-rolling sessions in to your routine. 

To get the most out of your Foam Roller, join us Tuesday, May 3rd at Fleet Feet Kingspointe for our new Active Recovery Class!

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