Maximalist Shoes: passing fad, the end of regular shoes, or somewhere in between?

A recent New York Times article on maximum cushion running shoes brought this trend (which has actually been gaining momentum for several years) to the mainstream, or at least the mainstream of Facebook news feeds. All this attention may have you looking down at your feet wondering if they too could use an extra dose of pillowy cushioning. These high cushion, or "Maximalist,"shoes are in many ways a 180 degree shift from a "minimalist" trend that peaked several years ago, but they both represent a desire by runners and walkers and the shoe industry to try new things and drive the overall design of shoes forward. We at Fleet Feet Tulsa are excited that there are more options than ever to suit the needs and preferences of a variety of runners and walkers, or the same runners and walkers on different days. We think that Jay Dicharry, the biomechanist quoted in the article, puts it best when he relates the spectrum of minimal, standard and maximal shoes to the ever-diversifying array of bicycles available:  “Some people have a road bike, a commuter bike and a mountain bike, and they all have their purpose,” Dicharry said. “Maximalism is the new fat-tire bike of running shoes.” Running shoes are and always have been a tool to craft the experience you want, whether that’s a treadmill run/walk, a 10K training program or a 50K trail race. We don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to injury prevention, nor will every athlete love the feel of every shoe.We do know that for certain feet, certain athletes and certain workouts shoes like Hoka fit the bill extremely well. We’re happy to continue to offer a broad spectrum of footwear choices from minimal to maximal, but mostly everything in-between. 

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