What's in a Pocket?


We don’t really grasp the utility of a well-placed pocket until it’s too late. Too many of us have stood at that unlucky starting line, stressed about how to cram one more gel into too few storage spots. Thankfully, pockets are making a splash in run gear, and there’s even more reason to respect these underappreciated little things. You can find tights, shorts, tops and even water bottles with enough pockets to keep you going, mile after mile. On pants or tights, side pockets are big enough to stow some of the biggest phones. But the placement doesn't diminish the functionality of the garment. Both men's and women's shorts have been outfitted with thoughtfully positioned storage space. Our half zips have pockets in unlikely, but well-designed places, with tiny zippers that silence the worry about losing your keys. Even the waistbands are getting into the storage game, with little pockets perfect for nesting lip balm, hair ties, hotel keys or Gu. Pockets don’t get marquee lighting, but these little features make running worry-free.  

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