Path2Half: 15K to Half Marathon Training

Click HERE to register for Path2Half (must be currently enrolled in Fall 2018 Pathways Training)

Path2Half (or Path to Half) is an extension to our Fall 2018 Pathways 15K training program designed to bridge the gap between training for a 9.3 mile race at the Tulsa Run and a 13.1 mile half marathon 3 weeks later at the Williams Route 66 Marathon.This option is only available to participants currently enrolled in fall 2018 Pathways.

From Coach Marty, here is Path2Half in a nutshell:

First Steps - Starting the first weekend of October (that is this weekend) we will have you add an extra mile to your weekend runs.  These miles will be done on your own immediately after the run each week.  There will be a one mile map available.  Some participants in each pace group usually do this add-on so ask among your group who is doing it and they become your ‘extra mile’ partners for the weekend runs.

After the Tulsa Run on Oct. 27th we will continue to train for the three weeks until the Half Marathon on Nov. 18th, however the schedule will change to coincide with the Half Marathon program (don’t worry, you won’t be with those groups, just running the same routes on the same days)

PATH2HALF weekday schedule:

  • Mondays @ Blue Dome, 6pm
  • Tuesdays @ TU Track, 6pm
  • Wednesdays  @ Broken Arrow, 6pm
  • Thursdays @ KingsPointe, 6pm
  • Saturdays – Location Rotates, 6:45am

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