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Our FREE Workplace FIT Program is built around YOUR schedule at YOUR location

By fitting and educating your staff with quality products (footwear, insoles, injury prevention tools) we can empower and motivate your staff in ways that will benefit them and your company.

Our NEW Workplace Fit Program is a program that brings your company and ours together.  Workplace FIT allows us to bring a mini-store and our expertise onsite to your headquarters to fit your employees for shoes, socks, and premium insoles.  We are excited about this program because it allows us to take our mission and message of fitness “on the road” and serves as a great launch pad for your wellness initiatives!

From our experiences with this program so far, the most successful Workplace FIT events get their team excited about our onsite fittings and they also offer payroll deduction for their employee purchases, as well as offering to pay for a portion of each employee’s purchases.  Of course, not every company has this in their budget but this approach sends a very strong message to their employees that their health and wellness is important. Some companies have used our Workplace FIT event as their official “kickoff” for their Wellness Program as there is great energy all around the event and that carries over to their wellness kickoff.

The executives at Tulsa Federal Credit Union have been generous in allowing Fleet Feet to reference this event with other local companies. Here is a video of the Workplace FIT event that we held at their offices that shows a great overview of what the event is all about:

We truly want to assist you in adding value to your Wellness Program and we believe that Workplace FIT is a message of convenience, as well as fitness, to your employees and it serves as a very nice complement to your existing Wellness initiatives.

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