Second Saturday Half and Full Training Trial Day

Our Halfer In Training and Marathoner In Training programs just started! We want to give you the chance to try out the program to see if you like it (spoiler: you will!) and then join! On Saturday, January 26, for the Second Saturday of the training program - just pay a $10 drop-in fee and if you sign up for the program, we'll credit that towards your program registration fee.

Marathoners In Training will leave Fleet Feet Blue Dome at 6:45am and will have the option of doing 8 or 10 miles, depending on pace group.

Halfers In Training will leave at 7:00am with the option of doing 5 or 7 miles, depending on pace group.

Be sure to get to the store early enough to:
- Sign the Liability Waiver and pay the $10 drop-in fee
- Find the right pace group!

Learn more about the programs at

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