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Seeing the World 13.1 Miles at a Time

Mary Alice is on a mission to complete a half marathon on all 7 continents and as of June 2018, she is 6/7 of the way there! Mary Alice recent…

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The Road to Boston

For some of us, running wraps its tentacles around us, and though we may not notice them, the draw is always there. For some of us, it takes a…

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Running Saved My Life

As the old saying goes, we don't know what we've got until it's gone.  Though Jennie had been an athlete for most of her life, her fir…

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Hollywood or Bust, Lessons in Sacrificial Giving

Those of us who begin our fitness journey as adults are usually spurred to start by some outward force, some identifiable impetus that indic…

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In Remembrance and Strength

Many of you who participate in WalkFit may already have the good fortune of knowing Rose. She's been walking with Fleet Feet since 2012, and…

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Time waits for no man.

“Time waits for no man,” as the saying goes, but that doesn’t mean we have to let the sands just slip on through the hour …

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For the Love of Running

In 2011, a mutual friend introduced John, who was training for the Route 66 Marathon, to Jill, who had lost her love of running. What began …

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The Power of the Mind.

In 2011 my daughter, Tracy, a runner and former Fleet Feet coach, encouraged me to try No Boundaries “couch to 5k.” This was whe…

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The best I've ever been..

I'd heard it all before. "You're crazy for running as much as you do." Or, "A marathon is a long ways..." For a while, it seemed like I'd …

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Gaining more than she lost..

In the spring of 2011, Amy spent the majority of her waking hours sitting. She was fifty pounds overweight, a divorced single mom of two w…

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