April 2017 Training Program News

Big News!  We have a new program offering to announce as well as new pricing for all of our major training programs and a special “alumni” discount you will want to take advantage of!  Please keep reading for more information on these important announcements!  And thank you for your past participation in one of our training groups (or as a past member of 52 Fitness).

Summer HIT and Summer MIT

We are excited to announce a new “gap-filler” program designed for people that want to continue training after the end of the SPRING HIT/MIT program and before the beginning of the FALL session.   So we have created Summer HIT and Summer MIT – this program will function in a very similar way to HIT and MIT with coached weekday workouts and a weekly Saturday workout.  The program will begin on May 8 and continue through July 1.  We will have a Saturday workout every Saturday during this period except for May 20, which is the date for the Fleet Feet Half Marathon.  Groups for both weekdays and on Saturday will follow the system we have established for the weekday workouts and will be coached (if registration dictates more pace groups we will add more Saturday pace groups).  The Saturday workouts will be fully supported with water/hydration stops and a SAG wagon. 

Over the years, we have noticed that training trends for endurance races have changed – back when we started our training programs the vast majority of our participants ran or walked the OKC Memorial Marathon in the spring, and Route 66 Marathon in the fall.  Now things are much more varied with people doing multiple races per year at all different times of the year.  This program is designed to meet those needs to give you options to keep training with a great coached group.  We will have a professionally designed training schedule for the program that will meet most needs – it will be centered on maintaining or building base miles during this critical period between our main training sessions. 

Who is this program good for? 

  •       People just coming off a spring marathon or half and want to maintain fitness through May and June before the start of the fall program in July.
  •       People just finishing up a Pathways or Walk Fit Distance session who want to move up to a half marathon or marathon in the fall and need to keep up their running or walking during June and July and want to go beyond Pathways or WalkFit Distance. 
  •       People who have a late summer or early fall goal race that predicates training in May or June and want to stay in a group to get those miles in.

And we are excited to be able to offer this 8-week program for a fee of just $49.00!  Be sure to read down about a special alumni discount we are offering that you can apply to this registration to save even more! 

New Pricing for Programs!

We are also excited to announce new pricing for all of our main training programs – these new prices will go into effect for the next sessions of these programs; all of these programs are open for registration NOW with the exception of the summer Mountain Goats program.  

Walk Fit Camp               was $60, now $49.00

No Boundaries               was $70, now $59.00

WalkFit Distance           was $90, now $79.00

Pathways/Advanced      was $90, now $79.00

HIT/MIT                        was $110, now $99.00 (for fall session)

AMT/AHT                     was $165, now $149.00

Mountain Goats             was $70, now $59.00 (for summer session to start in July)

New Alumni Discount!

And the good news keeps coming – we are implementing a “alumni” discount for past participants in our programs – if you have received this email you qualify!  This discount is good for 10% off your registration fee for the programs listed above.  This discount will remain in effect until May 31, 2017, so sign up before that date to save! 

How to redeem the discount:  when registering (links below), enter code 2017ALUMNI where prompted when checking out.  Click on this link for details on how to enter the discount code if you are having any issues: http://files.www.fleetfeettulsa.com/which-training-program-shoud-i-join/How_to_apply_discount_code_in_ZenPlanner.pdf  (Be sure the amount of the fee is reduced before you finalize the transaction). 

Links to register

Summer HIT http://www.fleetfeettulsa.com/summer-half-marathon

Summer MIT http://www.fleetfeettulsa.com/summer-full-marathon

WalkFit Camp http://www.fleetfeettulsa.com/WalkFitCamp

No Boundaries I http://www.fleetfeettulsa.com/nobo

No Boundaries II http://www.fleetfeettulsa.com/noboundaries2

Pathways/Adv Pathways http://www.fleetfeettulsa.com/pathways

WalkFit Distance http://www.fleetfeettulsa.com/walkfitdistance

HIT (half marathon) http://www.fleetfeettulsa.com/half-program (fall session)

MIT (full marathon) http://www.fleetfeettulsa.com/program (fall session)

Advanced Half Marathon (AHT) http://www.fleetfeettulsa.com/advanced-half-program (fall session)

Advanced Full Marathon (AMT) http://www.fleetfeettulsa.com/advancedprogram (fall session)

We appreciate your past participation in our programs and hope to see you this summer and fall!  If you should have any questions please feel free to contact me at tim@fleetfeettulsa.com.

Thanks!  Tim Dreiling, co-owner Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa/Broken Arrow

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