Coach Information and Guidelines

Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa | Broken Arrow coaches: Please read the agreement below, check the box if you agree to it and fill out this form as completely as possible when requested by your training program coordinator.


Serving as a coach for Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa | Broken Arrow is a great opportunity! It is a privilege to assist others in their quest to get fit and/or improve their training experience. Your POSITIVE ATTITUDE is paramount to providing a great experience for our participants.  

Please be aware that YOUR ACTIONS set the tone for the success of your group.

  • As a coach you are an ambassador for our store and EXCELLENT SERVICE is our standard. 
  • You will be representing Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa | Broken Arrow so it is important to remember that you are not only representing yourself, you are “Fleet Feet” to the participants in your training group. Please think before you speak or do something. Your actions reflect upon us.
  • You must agree to these guidelines by checking the box below and filling out the form to be allowed to coach and received eligible perks.
  • Each coach must REGISTER for the respective training program online (using special code to be supplied by coordinator) BEFORE you are allowed to coach.  
  • Coaches are expected to attend every workout as assigned by program coordinator. If you have an emergency arise, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to contact the coordinator and/or a floater coach. (Make sure you have the coordinator's and floater coach's phone numbers). Please let your respective Training Coordinator know about your absence. 
  • You will be REQUIRED to CHECK IN for each workout using the Zenplanner kiosks inside each store. If you coach multiple programs be sure to check into the correct program.  Your attendance to the group workouts is very important to our program and a requirement to receive any eligible perks or credits.   
  • Floater Coaches are expected to attend EVERY workout and go with the group that NEEDS the most assistance. If unsure as to which group to assist, ask your respective Training Coordinator.  
  • ALL coaches are expected to follow the specific training schedule (location, pace, etc). Coaches are not to conduct their own workout during training.
If you have any questions before agreeing, please contact your program coordinator.
Please select the Program you are coaching for the upcoming session
Please list any known workout days you will be unable to coach (ex. July 29, October 7). Enter NONE if you have no planned absences.
List weekdays you are available to coach (Monday, Wednesday or Thursday). Enter NONE if you are unable to coach any weekdays.
For example: Womens 9 wide Brooks Adrenaline or Mens neutral size 10 medium

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