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Testimonial from Jesse Green, 12/12/12

I started running with Fleet Feet for the summer session of NOBO 1 in 2011 with Kasey (then fiancé now wife).  She urged me to check it out since I went to the gym all the time and ran at my house a mile at a time a couple times a week. So finally she made me come check it out so I agreed to come ONE TIME, no more than that.

What I didn’t expect to find was exactly what I really needed. Not a coach to help me out, but a bunch of people with the same goal as me which was a healthier life, whether that meant to lose some weight, de-stress or just to feel good, for me it was a little of all three. So after that one time I went in to sign up for my first Fleet Feet program.

After I started I couldn’t stop, I did over and above what was needed for the class, it was all I could think about and got to where I could run three miles without stopping, I was breathing REALLY HARD but I did it! I ran my first 5K at the Firecracker 5K and finished around 29-30 min. which was great for me since I had never ran that far. I then was told I should check out the Pathways program and train for a 10K, I thought no way that’s just to far and could I really do that? Well I managed to prove my self wrong and my wife right, well either way I did it too and met some great people along the way that I still run with and are who I consider to be some of my best friends.

Then I had somebody in my group start talking about doing the Path to Half program which sounded really dumb at the time because who would want to run 13.1 miles? Well apparently we did led by awesome coach Marty who got us up to doing more miles than we thought we could do, twice now. Then after a few of us started doing some other races and talking to more people, my wife convinced me that “WE” need to do a Marathon so I thought “why fight it your going to try it anyways” so I did that too.

It was certainly not as easy as I have made it sound and I could certainly write you ten pages of how things have gone, the bumps in the road I have had in the short time I have been running but what can I say about running that I haven’t put into words except I LOVE to run. I am one of THOSE people now, 60 lbs lighter and running faster than I ever thought I could. Who would have thought a year and a half ago I would be running a 5:55 min/mile from starting out running a 9:00min/mile when I first started.


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