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"Great friendly service!" -  December 2014

"The people are wonderful. Thank you Rose. Love my Brooks" -  December 2014

"The helpful and knowledgable staff!" -  December 2014

"The staff is always friendly anytime I visit, and spends lots of time making sure my fitness needs are met quickly and efficiently." -  December 2014

"I liked how we were greeted at the door." -  December 2014

"The staff are very knowledgeable and will work hard to find the right products.Very friendly." -  December 2014

"Olga was super helpful with my shoe fitting process. I continue to buy from fleet feet because the friendly staff is always eager to help get me the right gear for my needs." -  December 2014

"Very nice and helpful staff! I love running with Fleet Feet Tulsa and would recommend them to anyone." -  December 2014

"Friendly, informed staff. Very helpful in identifying my needs." -  December 2014

"They have the best high end shoes and enough staff to serve customers without long wait. Staff are personable and runners themselves." -  December 2014

"Love the latest style in running shoes and the service was exceptional!" -  December 2014

"Good service & good products. Won't buy my athletic shoes any where else" -  December 2014

"Staff is always friendly and well knowledgeable about the products. The atmosphere is positive! If they aren't, they will guide me to the person who knows the product the best, that way I get the best service and information. They provide great recommendations and really care about getting the customers what they need. They were able to answer and not judge me for all my silly running questions and guided me to the best solution, without pressuring me. There is always a variety of products at the store to give me great options as well when choosing what works best for me. Lastly, staff are interested in YOU. They ask me about my running and my goals are." - October 16, 2014

"I always feel like your sales people spend a lot of time fitting me in the correct shoes that work for my feet. They are friendly and willing to help." - October 16, 2014

"I just got fitted for my 2nd pair of mizuno running shoes and the staff was so helpful! I got great shoes plus, a lot of handy information on how to take care of my shoes and my feet! I tell everyone I know go get fitted for shoes at Fleet Feet if they plan on running." - October 15, 2014

"I have been a loyal customer for many years. I like the way the employees treat me when I walk in the door. They are personable and I have a great time while in the store. I also encourage anyone who even thinks about walking or running to join one of the mentored programs I think they are life changing steps for many people." - October 15. 2014

"I struggled to get the right shoes for a right fit. I kept coming back and Lori hung with me and helped me find the right pair for the walking program. I love the walking program and all the Coach's. THey are very encouraging and I appreciate them in keeping me moving and exercising." October 15, 2014

"Top quality, does not seem to be a lot of junk." - October 13. 2014

"Great products that look and feel good. Also different from other places that make them easy to find in a crowd" - October 13, 2014

"I appreciated the one-on-one help finding an athletic shoe that perfectly fit the contours of my feet." - October 13, 2014

"Sales people are very knowledgeable; don't feel intimidated (Fitness wise), and you have the shoes I love at a decent price." - September 10, 2014

"The thorough process that went into determining the best shoes for my running needs was one I have never experienced elsewhere. The time and effort were both greatly appreciated. I was also pleased about the selection of Brooks running shoes and affordable running shorts. I happened to go to Fleet Feet during Labor Day weekend when there was a buy-one-get-one-half-off sale on apparel, which was fantastic. The rewards program is also an added bonus for shopping here. Will plan to return whenever I need more running equipment!" - September 10, 2014

"Great customer service! I have been in three times and am always greeted and treated with prompt attention! Great sales staff. Quality products. Thank you" - September 8, 2014

"a woman named chris helped us at your blue dome location. she was FABULOUS!!!!! SO knowledgable and helpful with inserts for my husbands plantar F....... can't spell it :-) Anyway, she was great!" - September 8. 2014

"Staff was very helpful, without making me feel pressured. They took time during the assessment to find the right shoe for my situation. I've already given several recommendations." - September 8. 2014

"Fantastic process and thorough knowledge" - August 31, 2014

"I wish I could remember his name! But I was in your store Wednesday night around 6:30pm and the gentleman who helped me was AWESOME. I have a heel spur and plantar fasciitis but also run and play tennis. It's a very frustrating combination! My foot felt better immediately while wearing the shoes he chose for me and I've been able to increase my mileage already. He's a smart guy. Thanks for the help!" - August 31, 2014

"I joined Fleet Feet Couch to 5K, four years ago. I love how friendly and knowledgeable your staff is. Always greeted at the door. Never hounded to buy. Perfect experience." - August 31, 2014

"Amazing service. She took the time to fit me well and my foot pain has improved." - August 10, 2014

"My husband and I would like to personally thank you for all of your help and outstanding customer service. We had heard many good things about Fleet Feet, but you exceeded our expectations" - August 6, 2014

"I like the one on one service that Fleet Feet gives me. I am on my feet most of the time of the 8 hours I work, plus I do a lot of walking. Since I have been buying my shoes at Fleet Feet for 2 years. My feet don't hurt anymore, I can now walk with out pain. My friends that I have sent to your store, their feet feel much better too. So thank you for helping my friends and me" August 5, 2014

"Loved the helpful staff, personal attention, and the exam of my feet to get the right shoe. We will definitely be back!" - February 16, 2014

"The sales associate was knowledgeable about the products I was shopping for. He was friendly and fun! It was a great shopping experience." - February 16, 2014

"Personal service and knowledgeable staff. Obviously there are online sources that might save me a buck or two. But online sources can't look at my gait and recommend the perfect shoe. Online sources can't recommend a local healthcare provider who specializes in runners. And online sources don't sponsor and administer local running events." - February 16, 2014

"Have been coming for years. Brought my 92 year old mother in. The sales girl took her time and found a great stable shoe for her was a pleasure to deal with" - February 16, 2014

"I've been buying my running shoes from Fleet Feet for a few years now. You never fail to have knowledgeable staff on hand to guide me to the best options for ME. I've never had issues exchanging or returning anything and everyone is always so helpful and attentive - even when it's insanely busy over the weekends! I can't imagine a better place to make my feet happy!" - February 16, 2014

"I like that people actually help you with the shoes, that they actually size your feet and you're not just left with a bunch of boxes and have to figure out your own size and where things are" - December 16, 2013


"You're not selling shoes, you're selling a lifestyle.

We (my husband and I) like that your business practice is to take the time to measure feet AND assess gaits to find the right shoe.

We are not runners and probably won't ever be. We have started a new, basic fitness program and needed a some stable, neutral "sneakers" to keep our feet (and shins and knees) happy while we're at the gym.

Your staff were wonderful: knowledgeable and personable and above all VERY patient to work with both my husband and me to find the shoes that would not only be right for our feet.. but also our exercise goals.

We could not be happier!" - November 20, 2013


"I was very hesitant to join a running program.  I was NOT a runner even though I often watched runners and wanted to be one.  I met a No Boundaries graduate while I was walking a local half marathon.  She told me how nice everyone in the program was an assured me that I would not be the only person that would be starting while struggling to run a full minute.  I finally got up the nerve to join and it is the best thing I have ever done"


I have met the best set of coaches and staff that I could ever ask for.  I have made friendships that I would have never made.  I found a support system of other runners that encourage people when they are having hard runs.  The encourage people when they don't think they can finish.  The cheer and celebrate with people when they have gone farther and longer than they have ever gone before.


I call them my "No Boundaries Family" and I think that is the best description of the group.  I am a No Boundaries graduate.  I am a repeat No Boundaries participant.  I am a runner.  For that, I will be forever grateful.


"Every time I visit your store, I am treated with respect and kindness. Each sales associate that I have had, takes the time to make sure I get the right fitting shoe. The shoes are top quality. I drive from Muskogee just to get my tennis shoes. They make a huge difference in how my feet feel after a work out. Thanks Fleet Feet, You all are the Best!" - August 10, 2013


"Personal help picking out shoes; high-quality selection; knowledgeable and engaged staff, up-to-date but non-intimidating feel of the store" - July 27, 2013


"Having your own personal fitting specialist. I like that they make sure you will have the best shoe for your workout and that you will be most comfortable. The products are elite. Love this place!" - July 27, 2013


"The service was friendly and inviting. The staff listened to me and understood my needs. I had decided I would buy shoes from the store no matter the price because of the service. If the price was very fair compared with online retailers I wouldn't have been let down. I looked up the price on my shoes when I got home and to my surprise the price was identical. I couldn't be happier. You are now my ONLY source for shoes and running gear." - July 26, 2013


"I feel the products and services offered at Fleet Feet are of the highest quality. Your company is far ahead of the curve as far as I can tell. I have never encountered a shoe store that is so much more than a shoe store." - July 21, 2013


"Friendly helpful and knowledgeable staff. Felt comfortable having my kids in your store." - July 21, 2013


"I love the fitting process, especially the treadmill that allows me and the sales person to see how I step when walking and running. Also, the knowledge of the staff regarding the shoe fit and needs whether walking or running is impressive. The fact that the sales person asked me to go outside of the store and "walk the pavement" to get a good idea of what the shoe would feel like during my normal walking was astounding. It was better than walking around the store hoping I was walking as I normally would." - July 21, 2013


"I loved the educated customer service. Both times the employees were helpful and happy and actually glad to be there. They not only provided superb service but were educated to help me make decisions. They encouraged me to spend some time walk/running in the shoes. I loved this store. I finally feel like I have the best shoe for me. The day after I got my shoes I walked all over Stillwater and Pickens stadium and the knee I had surgery on FINALLY didn't hurt. I love fleet feet!" - June 16, 2013


"First time in years anyone has even offered to measure my feet. Sales person was very polite, knowledgable and patient. My shoes fit great and I am ecstatic" - June 15, 2013


"Great customer service and customized to each person!!" - June 13, 2013

"Love the well-educated and knowledgeable staff" - June 12, 2013


"The products are top quality that lasts. I have always been assured by store personnel that my complete satisfaction was their job. I have always been greeted by friendly personnel who were ready to serve me. Fleet Feet' s training programs are awesome! The coaches are the best.I was able to run a full marathon after training with Fleet Feet" - June 11, 2013


"Staff are always very helpful and knowledgeable. There is a good product selection. The training classes (Couch to 5K) are wonderful!" - June 10, 2013


"I've never been involved with such a dedicated, encouraging, and enthusiastic group of people dedicated to helping other achieve their fitness goals. You guys are incredible." - June 9, 2013

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