Running Changes Everything


Testimonial from Dave Eskridge III:

My new years resolution was to drop +30lbs and to get in shape (not just thin, but healthy).  I started running on my own off and on but couldn't get consistent. I ran the Cinco De Mayo 5K with a friend to gauge where I was at and I ran/walked it in 34:44.  I still couldn't run a mile continuous and I was getting frustrated.  This is when I decided to join NOBO.

NOBO has made me fall in love with running.  I used to run so I could lose weight, which meant it was a chore.  I had to have a distraction and NEEDED my iPod.  Now, I appreciate that I am able to run and I simply run to run.  NOBO allows you to be surrounded by people that have similar goals but still a wide assortment of different people.  "Running changes everything"  I'm not sure if truer words have been spoken.

-Since graduating from NOBO, Dave completed Pathways and then started training for a half marathon. Dave went from weighing 215lbs in his first 5km, to 170lbs when he ran the Williams Route 66 Half Marathon. Dave continues to train with Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa and has his eyes on setting new PRs this year.

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